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Student Welfare

Your welfare is very important. If you are happy, learning and behaving well then you enjoy school and make the most of it. There are a number of systems, programs and practices in place to ensure that your experiences at school are positive ones so that you can achieve to the best of your ability.


We want you to feel good when you have success in anything you do at school.

This is why we have our Student Recognition Scheme.  Here is how it works:

There are 3 levels in our Positive Recognition Scheme

These Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Certificates are given for consistent effort, outstanding results, commitment to school initiatives, leadership, extra-curricular participation, excellence in sport and faculty commendation. We also have special High Achiever and Principal Commendation Letters.

There is a reward for each level successfully achieved e.g. picnic/barbeque for bronze, movie outing for silver and special outing to Jamberoo for gold. Rewards are subject to change.

There is another side to our Welfare Program for things you do which we don't like.  A written record is kept of these things.  This record is placed in your file.  The School will very quickly call your parents up if you misbehave after a warning.  There are serious consequences for people who do not do the right thing at Chester Hill High School.

Support and improvement

If you have difficulty with the work in class, apart from the help you receive from your class teacher, you can get support from the Learning Support Team. If you think you need extra help with your work, please see one of the teachers.

Your Year Advisor also supports you. Make sure you know who your Year Advisor and Assistant are. They will let you know your classes, organise your reports, contact your parents if there are problems, find out how you are going by doing profiles on you and help you if you lose your timetables etc.