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Year 12 Assessments

Assessment tasks are used to determine the grades that a student will achieve in the Progress Report and the Final Report. Other assessment measures will also be used to assist teachers in determining the grade that best describes a student’s achievement in that subject.

It is a student’s responsibility to be alert to the notification of tasks and be aware when there are assessment tasks coming up. Students must satisfactorily complete all assessment tasks prior to being able to progress to the following year. 

Download the Year 12 assessment information from Term 4 2020 to Term 4 2021:

Chester Hill High School Year 12 2021 Assessment Handbook (PDF 2397KB)


Download the Year 12 assessment information from Term 4 2019 to Term 4 2020:

Chester Hill High School Year 12 2020 Assessment Handbook (PDF 1485KB)

Term 4 2019 - Term 3 2020 Individual Assessment Schedules (PDF 572KB)

2019-2020 Assessment Calendar (PDF 144KB)

2019-2020 Assessment Schedules VET (PDF 245KB)

Appendicies (PDF 348KB)

Assessments for 2019-20

2019 Term 4

English Advanced (PDF 292KB)

English Extension 2 (PDF 331KB)

English Standard (PDF 296KB)

English Studies (PDF 267KB)



2020 Term 1

English Advanced (PDF 352KB)

English Standard (PDF 320KB)

2020 Term 2

English Advanced PDF 365KB)

English Extension 1 PDF 150KB)

English Standard PDF 337KB)


Assessments from 2019

Term 1

English Advanced (PDF 786KB)

English Standard (PDF 788KB)

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (PDF 530KB)

Visual Arts (PDF 509 KB)

Term 2

English Advanced (PDF 189KB)

English Extension 1 (PDF 150KB)

English Standard (PDF 189KB)

English Studies (PDF 141KB)

Maths Standard (PDF 451KB)

Visual Arts (PDF 1,010KB)