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Year 10 Assessments

Assessment tasks are used to determine the grades that a student will achieve in the Progress Report and the Final Report. Other assessment measures will also be used to assist teachers in determining the grade that best describes a student’s achievement in that subject.

It is a student’s responsibility to be alert to the notification of tasks and be aware when there are assessment tasks coming up. Students must satisfactorily complete all assessment tasks prior to being able to progress to the following year. 

Download the 2020 Year 10 Assessment Policy Handbook (PDF 1,959KB)

2020 Assessments

Term 1

English (PDF 325KB)


2019 Assessments

Term 1

Big History (PDF 814KB)

Commerce (PDF 915KB)

English (PDF 804KB)

Geography (PDF 805KB)

History (PDF 807KB)

History Elective (PDF 805KB)

Maths 5.1 (PDF 936KB)

Maths 5.2 and 5.3 (PDF 941KB)

Music (PDF 504KB)


PDHPE Part A (PDF 221KB)

PDHPE Part B (PDF 226KB)

Science (PDF 693KB)

Term 2

Drama (PDF 821KB)

English (PDF  171KB)

History (PDF 804KB)

Music (PDF 806KB)

Law and Order (PDF 507KB)

PDHPE Fitness Test Report (PDF 769KB)

PDHPE Topic Test (PDF 157KB )

Visual Arts (PDF 930KB)


Term 3

English (PDF 166KB)

PASS Coaching Task (PDF 916KB)

PASS Indigenous Athlete Research Task (PDF 875KB)

PASS Yearly Exam Notification (PDF 790KB)