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Assessment Hub

This assessment hub contains the assessment policies and tasks used to determine a student's progress.

Curriculum differentiation

Differentiation or modification of the curriculum allows teachers to cater for students' individual learning needs, from gifted students to students with disabilities or learning difficulties.

The Assessment Tasks available on the Hub will be differentiated by the classroom teachers as necessary, depending on the needs of the student/s in the class.

Assessment policies and schedules

This document has been developed to make clear the procedures, expectations and rules about assessment at Chester Hill High School. It also outlines what a student will study in each subject throughout the year and how a student will be assessed.

The first section contains the School’s Assessment Policy; the remaining pages provide the assessment schedules for each subject.

Assessment tasks are used to determine the grades that a student will achieve in the Progress Report and the Final Report. Other assessment measures will also be used to assist teachers in determining the grade that best describes a student’s achievement in that subject.

The last page of this handbook is a tear-off Assessment Calendar. This page gives the student an overview of all assessments and due dates throughout the year.

At times, due to a variety of circumstances, dates may differ from those printed on the calendar. If the task dates do change, the teachers will notify the student in writing when they issue the assessment task notification. Any changes will often be within a week or two of the original date printed on the calendar.

It is a student’s responsibility to be alert to the notification of tasks and be aware when there are assessment tasks coming up. Students must satisfactorily complete all assessment tasks prior to being able to progress to the following year. 

Download the assessment policy and schdule from the assessment hub page relevant to your year: